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Knight of Honor

3 May
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Robin Locslay

Nickname: Robi
Age: 23
Gender: male
Eye: blue-grey
Hair: brown
Birthplace: Payon
Occupation: Templar Knight & King of Sylvestra
Current level: 83/50
Likes: polite people, mysterious places, work, faith, sunny days, his family
Dislikes: dishonor, rude and unmannered people, rainy days, too much stress, injections, cats
Habits: Being too caring about others, tends to forget to care for his own health, fears injections & cats like nothing else

Well, I think there is nothing much to say about me.
I was born as the first son of a Healer in Payon. When I was 10 years old I went to Prontera to become a healing monk. On my journey I met an old Monk and he brang me to a monastery in Prontera. There I learnt the art of healing. But then I decided to become a Knight to bring honor and glory to the monastery and to help the people much better... from this day my life became more and more interesting and I met many friendly people on my journeys.

Leon Locslay

Nickname: Leon-kun
Age: 15
Gender: male
Eye: blue-green
Hair: brown
Birthplace: Prontera
Occupation: Priest & Student
Current level: 70/39
Likes: funny people, mysterious adventures, his family & friends, his cat tiger
Dislikes: mean people, nightmares, too much stress, Clerics, punishments, subject: "Logic", dancing
Habits: is a little troublemaker without that he wants to cause trouble, falls asleep in masses, scratchs his left kitty ear often, is confused very easily

Disclaimer & Credits

This journal,"Knight of Honor" is the Roleplay-diary of Robin and Leon Locslay, which are my characters in Gravity Corp.'s MMORPG Ragnarok Online on the Chaos Server. Robin, Leon and other characters in this LJ-diary are under the (c) to the owner of this diary. The contents here are not meant to be against any law in any way. Everything about Robin or Leon are pure fictional stories and not real life, except I marked it as OOC-entry (out of character). Please do not take anything without my permission.